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Traffic Tickets - DMV Issues

Traffic Ticket Law and DMV Issue overview...

Traffic Ticket Law deals with the legal regulations of drivers license, traffic rules, and automobile issues. Most California traffic law violations are strict-liability offenses. Commonly referred to as traffic tickets. Strict-liability offenses do not have criminal intent. The legal consequences of traffic infractions include fines and the possible loss of driving privileges. Driving privileges can be lost from a single incident or the accumulation of points. Some traffic offenses can be both infractions and criminal offenses, in these cases a traffic attorney can represent clients in traffic and/or criminal court.

Traffic Lawyers assist clients in Traffic Court and DMV Hearings. California Traffic Ticket Lawyers assist clients in fighting traffic tickets, mitigating fines, negotiating the assessment of points and securing traffic school admission.

California Traffic Ticket Lawyers assist clients in common traffic ticket infractions such as:

  • Speeding
  • Red Light
  • Stop Signs
  • Improper Turns

Criminal and traffic include:

  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI)
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearings
  • Appeals
  • Administrative (on the spot) license suspension
  • Reckless Driving
  • Criminal traffic violation
  • Civil traffic violation
  • Excessive points suspension
  • Causing an accident
  • Fleeing an officer/accident scene (hit and run)
  • Any other FELONY or MISDEMEANOR criminal offense
  • Personal Injury Defense

The best way to fight a traffic charge is to hire a traffic ticket law lawyer.

Traffic ticket lawyers will go to court for you. The fact that you were stopped and cited only means that in someone's opinion, you may have committed either a criminal or civil violation.

If you do not defend yourself, the consequences can be very serious. You could lose your license, end up in jail, be burdened with a criminal record for the rest of your life, be forced to post a large cash bond, and face high future insurance costs.

Fortunately, right now, you stand innocent until proven guilty. And the State must prove you guilty beyond all reasonable doubt. But, there are rights you may be giving up right now - unless you do what is smart - consult a traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible.

Traffic Ticket Lawyers can handle your case without letting you get lost in the legal system. There are hundreds of legal details that can mean the difference between having a permanent stain on your record, or not - whether your case is large or small - our traffic lawyers may be able to help you.

On civil traffic tickets, we can go to court for you without your missing work. On criminal related cases, we can save you from having to appear in court for arraignment. And if you live out of town, we may be able to represent you by affidavit without you having to come to town for court.

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